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Welcome to Your Empire Era

You've been in business a long time - even building it to six or seven figures - but aren't making the profits you desire. You've spent tens of thousands - if not hundreds of thousands - on paid advertising and agencies that are giving you lackluster results and eating into your profit margin. You've hustled your way to six or seven figures and now need systems so you can stop hustling and get your life back.

We've been there. And we're here to help.

With our Effortless Sales Engine system, we'll automate your sales process and leverage your lead flow so you can slash expenses, get higher profits and more importantly - get your precious time back.

 what we offer 

ESE Benefits:

  • Get the top strategies for email marketing, text marketing and voice marketing to optimize sales conversions automatically.
  • Get the top strategies for increasing your lead flow so you can sell one-to-many instead of one-to-one.
  • Reduce your daily task load by at least 70% so you can either grow the business more or do whatever you want - like travel or spend time with family.
  • Reduce marketing and tech costs by at least 50% for immediate profits 
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Here’s what people are saying about the program

"You've simplified business so people can amplify their lives."
Women's empowerment coach

You've taken the hardest part of business - that marketing and sales don't talk to each other - and streamlined the process.
exec That Ran a $200M Tech Sales TeaM

Effortless Sales Engine Roadmap

Step 1

Mindset and Goal Setting

The first step is getting clear on what kind of life you desire to live so we can build business systems that support that. Our clients join us for a host of reasons including wanting to travel full-time, live abroad, reduce work hours, spend more time with their kids or even create the time to date and get married. Systems give you the time to live your life.

Step 2

Understanding Your Audience

This is all about understanding what makes your audience tick and move on a grander scale. Think no more chasing people in the DMs and instead attracting them with your compelling messaging that speaks to the heart and core of their problem. We bring 25+ years experience in digital marketing, media and sales to help you do this.

Module 3

Profitable Offers

The name of the game here is lower operating costs and higher profit margins with your products and services. Our team will look at your product suite and help you streamline delivery as well as package for profits. Think more money, less time to deliver, and less expenses to get the job done so you get to keep more of the cash in your pocket.


Building the Sales Engine

This is where we start building the engine so it purrs like a Ferrari. We'll work on email marketing automations, email strategy, text message marketing, voice mail drops and more. We'll also help you make sure your marketing is using best practices so your marketing doesn't get shut down, stuck in spam or racks up fines.


Inbound Lead Generation Trifecta

A lot of marketers poo poo AI stating it can't replace a marketing team. We've proven that wrong time and time again. We'll help you train AI to sound just like you so you can increase your marketing content output, spend less time on your marketing tasks and reduce your marketing costs. Think more sales, less marketing costs, higher profits. Plus, we'll teach you our Inbound Lead Generation trifecta strategy that has brought us up to 300 leads in 24 hours.

Step 6

Maintaining the Engine

Now that your marketing and sales machine is vrooming, we'll show you exactly how to maintain it and how to read the data from it so you can optimize the engine and make it better.

Meet The Team


Amanda Abella has been in sales since 2008 and digital marketing since 2010. She began her sales career doing fundraising and recruiting. She had a business as a content marketer for financial companies for eight years and had clients like Wells Fargo, Discover, Credit Karma and more. In 2017 she began teaching marketing and sales and helped clients generate over 7 figures in sales. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine and more. Now her passion is to help business work smart instead of hard so they can have more time and space for travel, hobbies and family.


Justin Keltner is known as The Email Scientist as he helps 7-figure coaches with large email lists sell more high-ticket programs to their existing subscribers by optimizing their email marketing. Justin and his team leverage technology, content, and marketing strategy to get their clients results like a 1350% increase in sales call bookings in 7 days.


Here's what we've done for ourselves and helped others achieve with the Effortless Sales Engine system.

An additional $90k in high ticket sales generated in just a few weeks.

An 84% reduction in overall workload thanks to having better automations and effiency.

A 1350% increase in inbound customer inquiries with email and text strategies.

You didn't get into business to be trapped in a cage.

Every week we have business owners reaching out to us telling us they want to travel more, have more kids, spend more time with their families, get married and pursue hobbies.

The problem is their businesses aren't set up in a way where they can actually do that without losing their minds.

How do we now that? Because we both already experienced it on our respective businesses.

After struggling with severe burnout and finding each other in an odd twist of fate, we took our respective sales and marketing brains and created the Effortless Sales Engine to try and solve this problem first for ourselves, and now for clients.

The Effortless Sales Engine has allowed Amanda and Justin to work less, spend more time with each other, travel and live in Mexico and spend more time with their fur child, Daisy.

Now we're ready to help business owners get their time back without sacrificing their prosperity.

So whether you want to travel more, live abroad like us, have more kids, get married, have a bigger impact, reduce expenses or just plain old make more money - the Effortless Sales Engine can help you do that.

The Investment 



Limited Pricing

  • Access to all training materials
  • Three months of bi-weekly support calls
  • Get-Sh*t-Done Calls to help you build the engine 


What is the Effortless Sales Engine program about?

The Effortless Sales Engine is a transformative 12-week program designed to help entrepreneurs shift from a constant hustle to a seamless, automated sales system that aligns with their dreams and values. It teaches both mindset and practical tools to help businesses run more efficiently.

Who is this offer for?

This course is designed for service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers who are serious about scaling their businesses without getting burnt out.

How is this offer different from other marketing courses?

This isn’t just a marketing course. It’s an emotional journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Instead of quick fixes, it aims for long-term transformation in mindset and business practices.

I’m not tech-savvy. Can I still benefit from this training?

Absolutely! We provide guidance on every technical aspect, ensuring you understand and feel comfortable with the technology involved.

What can I expect to learn from the Effortless Sales Engine?

The course covers topics ranging from cultivating the right mindset, understanding your audience, crafting effective marketing campaigns, implementing AI for efficiency, and mastering the art of sales. It’s a holistic approach to business growth.

Will I get support during the Training?

Absolutely! We provide guidance on every technical aspect, ensuring you understand and feel comfortable with the technology involved.

How soon can I expect results after implementing the strategies?

While results can vary, many of the strategies are designed for immediate implementation and can produce results in a short time frame. For instance, some clients have seen a significant increase in lead generation within just seven days.

I'm interested in having the system built for me. Is this possible?

Yes, there is an option for a done-for-you service. The investment for this starts at $15,000 upfront with a negotiated profit share.

I am just starting out, is this course too advanced for me?

The "Effortless Sales Engine" is specifically designed for entrepreneurs already achieving or nearing the 6 or 7 figure mark. If you're serious about scaling and optimizing, this is for you. If you’re just starting your business, we may have other programs that would be a better fit for you.

How do I sign up for Effortless Sales Engine?

You can apply for your spot in an upcoming cohort here.

I’m still unsure. Can I speak to someone before signing up?

Absolutely! We’d love to address any questions or concerns you might have. Just email us at [email protected] and our team will be happy to help.

Is there a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for this course. Our reason is simple: once you've accessed the course, you can't unlearn the invaluable information you've been given. We are also dedicated to working with individuals who are fully committed to their growth. If you're already contemplating a refund before beginning, this course might not be the best fit for you.

Is this course just about sales & marketing strategies?

While the course emphasizes efficient sales and marketing strategies, it's more than just tactics. It’s an emotional journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and aligning your business with your core values.

I have more questions. How can I reach out?

You can get in touch with our support team through the contact details provided on our website. We're here to help!